Internet Services – Connected Communities


Want fast wireless internet?

Our “Connected Communities” initiative could be the solution for you.


What is Connected Communities?  It’s a small group of clients (within approx 2 kilometers from each other) that join together with us, to have network infrastructure built that will allow everyone in the “community” to have access to fast Internet.

Short sight lines to the community tower, fewer users, and a fiber like connection to our main network provides a fast internet experience that can equal what you get in the city!  Here are some of the key points:

  • Stable and Fast – the short distance to the tower provides for a more stable and consistent connection
  • Committed Bandwidth – our “tower to tower” fiber like connection can handle high speeds which means you’ll be connected to a network backhaul that can handle much larger files
  • Multi-Stream Capabilities – multiple users can stream movies and videos at the same time
  • Fewer Slowdowns – we limit the number of users in the community which reduces slowdowns that are typical on large shared networks
  • Dedicated and Adjustable Circuits – customers can choose their own ‘Commitment and Burst Rates’ with individualized bandwidth limits
  • Public Addressing – each home gets their own public IP
  • VOIP – greater speeds and bandwidths makes VOIP phones possible
  • Setup for the Future – having a tower in your community means you will always be ready for upgrades that will come in the future

Email to discuss availability in your area