About Us


Crossover Networks Inc. is an Internet Service Provider in Grande Prairie that utilizes wireless technologies to extend our CORE Fiber Network (located downtown), providing access to this network in surrounding smaller towns, villages and rural areas.  We are locally owned and operated, and are committed to each and every client’s individual circuit needs.

We offer a range of services, from Managed Internet (SLA’s) with dedicated bandwidth, to long-range wireless towers that are able to connect many clients and distribute to a large geographical area, and even purchasing and registering a domain name for your Family, Farm, Business, or organization.  We even build custom network solutions, individually designed for every client.

Our newest initiative starting early 2017, “Connected Communities,” is a custom built wireless CORE network that allows distribution of large bandwidth to smaller localized Communities.  Based on wireless availability, these hub-site locations can provide:

  1. Access to the wireless CORE network at a localized hub-site.
  2. Adjustable dedicated bandwidth circuits (used for Streaming, Social Networking and Gaming)
  3. Burst speeds of up-to 20Mbps (used for files, email, smaller downloads)
  4. 95th percentile billing system rather than the normal overages (charged @ $/GB)

We specialize in tailored Internet Services:

• Committed Internet circuits

• Email Spam/Virus filtering and protection

• Domain Registration services

• Website/Email Hosting

• Virtual Server Hosting

• DNS hosting and management

• SSL Certificates • Off-Site backups (client provides hardware)